Top Reasons Your Indonesian Visa Application is Rejected or Refused

Top Reasons Your Visa Application is Rejected or Refused
Visa service is now open only for onshore application for foreign visitors staying in Indonesia.
From 3 to 8 August 2020, DGI has received 2,563 visa applications for Visitor Visa and Temporary Stay Visa (Vitas), but in the verification process, 23% of visa applicants were rejected. Here are the reasons:
1. The data you input is not valid and not matched with the documents you lodged.
2. Your passport validity is less than six months.
3. Application Letter is incorrect (to whom you address).
4. Lacking to present required documents and supporting documents for C317 Visa.
5. Invalid Business Identification Number (NIB) for C313 and C314 Visa.
6. You input incorrect data.
7. The immigration office for visa collection that you request is different from the immigration office when you have lodged the documents and from your registered home/accommodation address.

Tips for Applying Indonesian Visa:
1. Work Visa application is made by online lodgement on TKA Online website (
2. You must submit “scanned copy” documents, not be taken by a photo.
3. You must confirm your registered home/accommodation address based on the immigration office where your visa application is lodged/made.
4. Your visa application letter and LG must be addressed to the Director General of Immigration c/o Director of Immigration Documents and Border Control.
If your visa application is refused, please make a new visa application by completing all required documents and following the correct steps before 20 August 2020.