Indonesian Visa and Residence Permits Policy in the New Normal

Regulation of Minister of Law and Human Rights No. 26 of 2020 on Visa and Residence Permits in the New Normal. Please download here Translated Regulation of Minister of Law and Human Rights on Visa and Stay Permits in the New Normal

Versi bahasa Indonesia unduh ini BN 1139-2020 KUMHAM 26

Adelaide, 7 October 2020

Indonesian Immigration Detention Centre in English and Indonesian

Rumah Detensi Imigrasi Pusat = Central Immigration Detention Center (Central IDC)
Bagian Tata Usaha= Division of Administration
Bidang Registrasi dan Perawatan = Division of Registration and Medical Service
Bidang Penempatan, Keamanan, Pemulangan, dan Deportasi = Division of Placement, Security, Removal, and Deportation

Rumah Detensi Imigrasi = Immigration Detention Center
Subbagian Tata Usaha = Subdivision of Administration
Seksi Registrasi, Administrasi, dan Pelaporan = Section of Registration, Administration, and Reporting
Seksi Perawatan dan Kesehatan = Section of Medical Service and Health Care
Seksi Keamanan dan Ketertiban Section of Security and Safety

Unit Eselon III, IV, dan V


Echelon III, IV and V Units of the


1. Rumah Detensi Imigrasi Immigration Detention Centre Head of Immigration Detention Centre
2. Subbagian Tata Usaha Subdivision of Administration Head of Administration Subdivision
3. Urusan Kepegawaian Personnel Affairs Head of Personnel Affairs
4. Urusan Keuangan Financial Affairs Head of Financial Affairs
5. Urusan Umum General Affairs Head of General Affairs
6. Seksi Registrasi, Administrasi, dan Pelaporan Section of Registration, Administration, and Reporting Head of Registration, Administration, and Reporting Section
7. Subseksi Registrasi Subsection of Registration Head of Registration Subsection
8. Subseksi Administrasi dan pelaporan Subsection of Administration and Reporting Head of Administration and Reporting Subsection  
9. Seksi Perawatan dan Kesehatan Section of Medical Service and Health Care Head of Medical Service and Health Care Section
10. Subseksi Perawatan Subsection of Medical Service Head of Medical Service Subsection
11. Subseksi Kesehatan Subsection of Health Care Head of Health Care Subsection
12. Seksi Keamanan dan Ketertiban Section of Safety and Security Head of Security and Order Section
13. Subseksi Keamanan Subsection of Security Head of Security Subsection
14. Subseksi Ketertiban Subsection of Safety Head of Safety Subsection

Last update: 19/08/2020. Unofficial Translation by Ridwan Arifin

Top Reasons Your Indonesian Visa Application is Rejected or Refused

Top Reasons Your Visa Application is Rejected or Refused
Visa service is now open only for onshore application for foreign visitors staying in Indonesia.
From 3 to 8 August 2020, DGI has received 2,563 visa applications for Visitor Visa and Temporary Stay Visa (Vitas), but in the verification process, 23% of visa applicants were rejected. Here are the reasons:
1. The data you input is not valid and not matched with the documents you lodged.
2. Your passport validity is less than six months.
3. Application Letter is incorrect (to whom you address).
4. Lacking to present required documents and supporting documents for C317 Visa.
5. Invalid Business Identification Number (NIB) for C313 and C314 Visa.
6. You input incorrect data.
7. The immigration office for visa collection that you request is different from the immigration office when you have lodged the documents and from your registered home/accommodation address.

Tips for Applying Indonesian Visa:
1. Work Visa application is made by online lodgement on TKA Online website (
2. You must submit “scanned copy” documents, not be taken by a photo.
3. You must confirm your registered home/accommodation address based on the immigration office where your visa application is lodged/made.
4. Your visa application letter and LG must be addressed to the Director General of Immigration c/o Director of Immigration Documents and Border Control.
If your visa application is refused, please make a new visa application by completing all required documents and following the correct steps before 20 August 2020.


Perumusan Bahasa Media Sosial dan Elektronik di Instansi Pemerintah

Silakan unduh bahan tayang pelatihan Perumusan Bahasa Media Sosial dan Elektronik di Instansi Pemerintah, untuk PPID Direktorat Jenderal Imigrasi, Kementerian Hukum dan HAM di sini Bag 1 Bahasa Media Sosial dan Elektronik di Instansi Pemerintah Bag 2 Bahasa Media Sosial dan Elektronik di Instansi Pemerintah

Buku Kebijakan Imigrasi Indonesia: Indonesian Immigration Policy 2018

Silakan unduh gratis di sini Kebijakan Imigrasi Indonesia_Indonesian Immigration Policy

Kutipan (APA):
Arifin, R., & Nurkumalawati, I. (2018). Kebijakan Imigrasi Indonesia (Indonesian Immigration Policy) (2 ed.). Jakarta: Mahara.

Updated Immigration Information on Covid-19 in Indonesia

The Regulation of Minister of Law and Human Rights Indonesia No.8 of 2020

  1. Visa free policy and Visa on Arrival (VOA) applications are suspended.
  2. Foreign visitors shall apply for Visitor’s Visa to enter Indonesia at Indonesian Embassy or Consulates overseas.
  3. Visitor’s Visa application shall comply with requirements, procedures and following circumstances:
    a. Holding Health Declaration (in English language) issued by health authorities in home countries.
    b. Having been in a Corona Virus free region/area/country in 14 days.
    c. Letter of Statement for a 14-day isolation/ self-isolation measure by the Indonesian Government.
  4. Visa will not be granted, if foreign visitors do not comply with the visa application regulations.
  5. When holders of Indonesian Residence Permits who are travelling/residing in a lockdown country or outside the Indonesian territory, you can apply for a temporary stay permit, permanent stay permit, multiple re-entry permit and entry stamp to enter Indonesia, and if holders are residing in Indonesia, they can apply for an emergency stay permit or extensions which shall refer accordingly to the Regulation of Minister of Law and Human Rights No.7 of 2020 on Visa and Residence Permit for Preventing Corona Virus Outbreak.
  6. This begins on 20 March 2020.

Updated Immigration Information on Emergency Stay Permit and Overstay (COVID-19 Outbreak)

  1. When a foreign visitor entered Indonesia after 5 February 2020 which causes them to overstay their visa, the overstay penalty is waived (free) and they do not require to apply for an Emergency Stay Permit (at immigration offices). A waiver is automatic.
  2. This condition applies if only you have the last extension of your permits (of your VOA, Visitor Visa, ITAS), and if you hold a visa exemption stamp.
  3. When you entered Indonesia before 5 February 2020, you are required to apply for a visa extension (not suitable for BVK holders) at immigration offices otherwise you will overstay your visa and be imposed on a penalty;

Further Information on the Additional Measures of COVID-19 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Indonesia (20 March 2020)

  1. Visitors will not be allowed to enter Indonesia if in the last 14 days, you have been in/traveled to/ transited through following countries:
    a. Iran
    b. Italy
    c. Vatican
    d. Spain
    e. France
    f. Germany
    g. Switzerland
    h. United Kingdom
  2. Visa Free Policy, Visa on Arrival, and Diplomatic/Service Free Visa Policy application are suspended for 1 month.
  3. Every visitor shall fill in the Health Alert Card and present before the Port Health Authority upon arrival at Indonesian International airports (Ports of Entry).
  4. Indonesian citizens who have been in/traveled to/transited through countries as mentioned above, will go through a health inspection by Health Port Authorities upon arrival in Indonesia.
  5. If detected COVID-19 symptoms during the health inspection, you will proceed to an intensive observation for 14 days by the Indonesian Government. If not detected, you are advised to self-isolate for 14 days.

Sources: BN 271-2020 and 2020 Circular Note on additional measures 17 Mar 2020.pdf
Translated by Ridwan Arifin, Adelaide, last edit on 22 March 2020

Analis Keimigrasian, Dosen, Widyaiswara dalam Bahasa Inggris

Penerjemahan jabatan fungsional analis keimigrasian ke dalam bahasa Inggris
The translation of functional positions of immigration analysts into English

Jenjang analis keimigrasian di Direktorat Jenderal Imigrasi Kementerian Hukum dan HAM telah diatur dalam Peraturan Menteri Pendayagunaan Aparatur Negara dan Reformasi Birokrasi Nomor 48 Tahun 2018 tentang Jabatan Fungsional Analis Keimigrasian.

  1. Analis Keimigrasian Ahli Pertama = Junior Immigration Analyst 
  2. Analis Keimigrasian Ahli Muda = Senior Immigration Analyst
  3. Analis Keimigrasian Ahli Madya = Associate Immigration Analyst
  4. Analis Keimigrasian Ahli Utama = Immigration Analyst Specialist

Penerjemahan jabatan fungsional dosen ke dalam bahasa Inggris
The translation of functional positions of lecturer into English

Jenjang jabatan akademik dosen telah diatur dalam Peraturan Menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Republik Indonesia Nomor 92 Tahun 2014 tentang Petunjuk Teknis Pelaksanaan Penilaian Angka Kredit Jabatan Fungsional Dosen dan Angka Kreditnya.

  1. Dosen Asisten Ahli = Lecturer
  2. Dosen Lektor = Senior Lecturer
  3. Dosen Lektor Kepala = Associate Professor
  4. Dosen Guru Besar = Professor

Jenjang jabatan fungsional widyaiswara telah diatur dalam Peraturan Menteri PAN RB Nomor 22 Tahun 2014 tentang Jabatan Fungsional Widyaiswara dan Angka Kreditnya.

  1. Widyaiswara Ahli Pertama = Junior Trainer
  2. Widyaiswara Ahli Muda = Senor Trainer
  3. Widyaiswara Ahli Madya = Associate Trainer
  4. Widyaiswara Ahli Utama = Trainer Specialist

Berbahasa adalah Sumbu Kreativitas: Izin bukan Ijin

Akibat dari media sosial, masyarakat Indonesia disebut “Netokrat” (untuk sementara), dan secara sporadis juga sangat reaktif terhadap pemakaian bahasa yang karut-marut, serba disingkat, serba rusak, serba “nginggris”, serba “kuminggris”, serba asal bahkan serba “alay“ walaupun berpendidikan tinggi.

Apa lacur, inilah senarai kecentang-perenangan kata dan frasa dalam berbahasa Indonesia di kalangan Aparatur Sipil Negara:

  1. Blangko bukan blanko
  2. Standardisasi bukan standarisasi
  3. Kerja sama bukan kerjasama
  4. Olahraga bukan olah raga

(Pekan Olahraga Nasional: PON. Kalau dipisah: Pekan Olah Raga Nasional: PORN)

  1. Izin bukan ijin
  2. Di atas bukan diatas
  3. Terima kasih bukan terimakasih
  4. Akomodasi bukan akomodir
  5. Praktik bukan praktek (praktikum bukan praktekum)
  6. Antrean bukan antrian
  7. Sistem bukan sistim (sistematis bukan sistimatis)
  8. Hipotesis bukan hipotesa
  9. Analisis bukan analisa
  10. Menyontek bukan mencontek (asal kata: sontek)
  11. Fotokopi bukan fotocopy atau photokopi
  12. Komersial bukan komersil
  13. Legalisasi bukan legalisir
  14. Konsinyasi bukan konsinyering
  15. Menyukseskan bukan mensukseskan
  16. Meterai bukan materai
  17. Nasihat bukan nasehat
  18. Amendemen bukan amandemen
  19. Atlet bukan atlit (atletik bukan atlitik)
  20. Komplain bukan komplen (cak. Keluhan)
  21. Silakan bukan silahkan (asal kata: sila)

Mari kita utamakan bahasa Indonesia, lestarikan bahasa daerah, dan kuasai bahasa asing. Berikut ihwal serapan dari bahasa asing ke Indonesia:

  1. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) = Prosedur Operasional Standar (POS);
  2. Slide = salindia;
  3. Subtitle = takarir;
  4. Courtesy of = atas perkenan;
  5. Online = daring (dalam jaringan)
  6. Offline = luring (luar jaringan)
  7. Talk show = gelar wicara
  8. Workshop = lokakarya
  9. Pantry = Penanggah
  10. Contact person = Narahubung
  11. Liaison officer = Naradamping
  12. VIP = Naratama
  13. VVIP = Naratetama
  14. Meet and greet = temu sapa
  15. Flow chart = diagram alir
  16. Backdrop = tirai latar
  17. Branding = penjenamaan
  18. Disclaimer = penafian
  19. Email = surel/ posel (surat elektronik/ pos elektronik)
  20. Outbound = mancakrida
  21. Focus Group Discussion = diskusi kelompok terarah

Semoga bahasa Indonesia dipakai dalam kecerdasan kreatif yang berbasis bahasa yang dijelmakan dalam bentuk penciptaan metafora hidup, idiom segar, dan tidak kompromis.