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Dijual! Glosarium Istilah Keimigrasian di Indonesia

Out Now for Sale! Dijual!

“Glosarium Istilah Keimigrasian di Indonesia”

“Glossary of Immigration Terms in Indonesia”

181 Halaman/Pages

Tahun/Year 2019

Penerbit/Publisher: @maharapublishing

Dapatkan buku cetak di https://www.tokopedia.com/immigration-things

Buku-el/E-book: https://books.google.co.id/books/about?id=S1YnEAAAQBAJ…

Out Now! Official Translation of Organizational Structure at Directorate General of Immigration Indonesia

Out now! Please download the official translation of organizational structure at Directorate General of Immigration Indonesia. bn1579-2020


Now Open! Only 7 Airports in Indonesia as Points of Entry and Exit in the New Normal

In response to Covid-19 pandemic, the Indonesian government has issued the Regulation of Minister of Law and Human Rights No.26 of 2020 about Visa and Residence Permit Policy in the New Normal. Who can enter Indonesia? Please visit https://www.imigrasi.go.id/covid19/detail/1b645389/border-closures-and-exceptions

In the Ministerial Decision Letter No. M.HH-01.GR.03.01 of 2020 about Designated Immigration Border Controls as Points of Entry and Exit in the New Normal, there are  90 seaports, 7 airports, 11 Border Crossing Stations, and 40 Border Lands where foreign nationals will be allowed to enter and leave the Indonesia’s territory.

Here are seven international airports in Indonesia to enter and leave the territory:

  1. Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta
  2. I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali
  3. Hang Nadim Airport, Batam
  4. Kualanamu Airport, Medan
  5. Juanda Airport, Surabaya
  6. Hassanudin Airport, Makassar
  7. Sam Ratulangi Airport, Manado

Click the picture to enlarge the map!

For more details, please download SK Menkumham tentang Tempat Pemeriksaan Imigrasi Tertentu sebagai Tempat Masuk dalam Masa Adaptasi Kebiasaan Baru

Indonesian Visa and Residence Permits Policy in the New Normal

Regulation of Minister of Law and Human Rights No. 26 of 2020 on Visa and Residence Permits in the New Normal. Please download here Translated Regulation of Minister of Law and Human Rights on Visa and Stay Permits in the New Normal

Versi bahasa Indonesia unduh ini BN 1139-2020 KUMHAM 26

Adelaide, 7 October 2020

What if I lost my passport during my visit to Indonesia?

When you lost your passport (or passport is stolen) in Indonesia:

  1. Report to the local police office (Polsek or Polres).
  2. Report to your Embassy or representatives in Indonesia.
  3. Embassy or representatives grant your new travel documents.

When you leave Indonesia with your new blank travel documents:

  1. You must report to immigration officers at borders (airports, seaports, border crossing stations) not later than five hours before your departure time. It applies to holders of visit permits (from Free Visa, VOA, Visa B211, and Visa D212).
  2. You must provide return tickets, boarding pass (incoming), copy of your lost or stolen passport, police report, embassy statement letter.
  3. You must pay the overstay penalty if you overstay your visa/permits not exceeding 60 days.
  4. You will be imposed on the immigration administrative sanctions if your overstaying visa/permit is exceeding 60 days (at immigration offices).

Circular Letter of Director of Border Control and Travel Document of DGI No.IMI.UM-01.10-1 2889 17 September 2019

Indonesian Immigration Detention Centre in English and Indonesian

Rumah Detensi Imigrasi Pusat = Central Immigration Detention Center (Central IDC)
Bagian Tata Usaha= Division of Administration
Bidang Registrasi dan Perawatan = Division of Registration and Medical Service
Bidang Penempatan, Keamanan, Pemulangan, dan Deportasi = Division of Placement, Security, Removal, and Deportation

Rumah Detensi Imigrasi = Immigration Detention Center
Subbagian Tata Usaha = Subdivision of Administration
Seksi Registrasi, Administrasi, dan Pelaporan = Section of Registration, Administration, and Reporting
Seksi Perawatan dan Kesehatan = Section of Medical Service and Health Care
Seksi Keamanan dan Ketertiban Section of Security and Safety

Unit Eselon III, IV, dan V


Echelon III, IV and V Units of the


1. Rumah Detensi Imigrasi Immigration Detention Centre Head of Immigration Detention Centre
2. Subbagian Tata Usaha Subdivision of Administration Head of Administration Subdivision
3. Urusan Kepegawaian Personnel Affairs Head of Personnel Affairs
4. Urusan Keuangan Financial Affairs Head of Financial Affairs
5. Urusan Umum General Affairs Head of General Affairs
6. Seksi Registrasi, Administrasi, dan Pelaporan Section of Registration, Administration, and Reporting Head of Registration, Administration, and Reporting Section
7. Subseksi Registrasi Subsection of Registration Head of Registration Subsection
8. Subseksi Administrasi dan pelaporan Subsection of Administration and Reporting Head of Administration and Reporting Subsection  
9. Seksi Perawatan dan Kesehatan Section of Medical Service and Health Care Head of Medical Service and Health Care Section
10. Subseksi Perawatan Subsection of Medical Service Head of Medical Service Subsection
11. Subseksi Kesehatan Subsection of Health Care Head of Health Care Subsection
12. Seksi Keamanan dan Ketertiban Section of Safety and Security Head of Security and Order Section
13. Subseksi Keamanan Subsection of Security Head of Security Subsection
14. Subseksi Ketertiban Subsection of Safety Head of Safety Subsection

Last update: 19/08/2020. Unofficial Translation by Ridwan Arifin

Top Reasons Your Indonesian Visa Application is Rejected or Refused

Top Reasons Your Visa Application is Rejected or Refused
Visa service is now open only for onshore application for foreign visitors staying in Indonesia.
From 3 to 8 August 2020, DGI has received 2,563 visa applications for Visitor Visa and Temporary Stay Visa (Vitas), but in the verification process, 23% of visa applicants were rejected. Here are the reasons:
1. The data you input is not valid and not matched with the documents you lodged.
2. Your passport validity is less than six months.
3. Application Letter is incorrect (to whom you address).
4. Lacking to present required documents and supporting documents for C317 Visa.
5. Invalid Business Identification Number (NIB) for C313 and C314 Visa.
6. You input incorrect data.
7. The immigration office for visa collection that you request is different from the immigration office when you have lodged the documents and from your registered home/accommodation address.

Tips for Applying Indonesian Visa:
1. Work Visa application is made by online lodgement on TKA Online website (https://tka-online.kemnaker.go.id/)
2. You must submit “scanned copy” documents, not be taken by a photo.
3. You must confirm your registered home/accommodation address based on the immigration office where your visa application is lodged/made.
4. Your visa application letter and LG must be addressed to the Director General of Immigration c/o Director of Immigration Documents and Border Control.
If your visa application is refused, please make a new visa application by completing all required documents and following the correct steps before 20 August 2020.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CDqVUz4DIu_/

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