What if I lost my passport during my visit to Indonesia?

When you lost your passport (or passport is stolen) in Indonesia:

  1. Report to the local police office (Polsek or Polres).
  2. Report to your Embassy or representatives in Indonesia.
  3. Embassy or representatives grant your new travel documents.

When you leave Indonesia with your new blank travel documents:

  1. You must report to immigration officers at borders (airports, seaports, border crossing stations) not later than five hours before your departure time. It applies to holders of visit permits (from Free Visa, VOA, Visa B211, and Visa D212).
  2. You must provide return tickets, boarding pass (incoming), copy of your lost or stolen passport, police report, embassy statement letter.
  3. You must pay the overstay penalty if you overstay your visa/permits not exceeding 60 days.
  4. You will be imposed on the immigration administrative sanctions if your overstaying visa/permit is exceeding 60 days (at immigration offices).

Circular Letter of Director of Border Control and Travel Document of DGI No.IMI.UM-01.10-1 2889 17 September 2019

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